Project Grid can also provide CDM coordinators registered through the Association of Project Safety to:
  • Ensure a robust culture of SHSEQ is driven down through the project team such that work by project personnel, suppliers, contractors and partners is undertaken in an appropriate professional manner.
  • Provide suitable and sufficient advice and assistance to clients in order to help them to comply with their duties, in particular the duty to ensure that adequate arrangements are in place for managing the project.
  • Notify HSE about the project.
  • Co-ordinate design work, planning and other preparation for construction where relevant to health and safety.
  • Identify and collect the pre-construction information and advise the client if surveys need to be commissioned to fill significant gaps.
  • Promptly provide, in a convenient form, to those involved with the design of the project; and to every contractor who may be or has been appointed by the client, such parts of the pre-construction information which are relevant to each.
  • Manage the flow of health and safety information between clients, designers and contractors.
  • Advise the client on the suitability of the initial construction phase plan and arrangements are made to ensure that welfare facilities are on site from the start.